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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Let me begin

I probably should have started this blog ages ago since I've not been working for the past 13 months and so have been doing a fair bit of knitting. Typically, I start a new job on August 27, so won't have so much knitting time, but I will still fit it in!

I'm sure I won't be waffling on just about knitting, being an expat in Geneva, I'm bound to find other things to go on about.

Knitting wise, my current WIPs are:
1) A bright orange pair of socks (after spending 9 months trying to turn a heel on my first sock and finally doing it a couple of weeks ago, I seem to have become addicted to sock knitting!).
2) A beautiful cardigan jacket from the Debbie Bliss Out of Town book, which I'm knitting in Louisa Harding's 'Grace'.
3) A Freedom Spirit vest from February's issue of Knitting magazine
4) A little baby jacket from the RYC Classic Babies book, which I'm knitting in some Swiss yarn that I forget the name of.

I keep promising myself that I won't start any more projects until I finish the ones I'm currently doing, but I've just found a pattern for a really cute newsboy style hat, which I'm just itching to knit....

Here's that pair of socks that took me so long to do...

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