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Sunday, 8 June 2008

A general lack of motivation

I have no motivation to do anything at the moment, which is made worse by Mr H deciding to have a clear out today. I can't be bothered to knit, study, tidy or sew and I have been in a foul mood all day for no apparent reason. I decided I should at least post on my blog so I've at least done something creative today.

I finished my string shopping bag a few days ago. It's OK, nothing special but what could I expect from a black string bag? I expect I will knit some more but will make them more colourful, I just have a lot of black cotton that needs using up and I don't really like knitting with it so a quick-knit shopping bag seemed like a perfect project to use some of it up.

I think next time I make this bag I will make it a little deeper as I don't think it will hold too much but it is good as I can just pop it in my handbag or pocket and pull it out at the supermarket.

I don't know what to knit at the moment. I have to restart my Noro socks as I changed my mind about the stitch pattern, but a few repeats into the new pattern I realised that it's really not showing up so I have to choose yet another. I have lots of socks on my list to knit but just don't feel like doing them. I'm really uninspired. There are a few more summer things I'd like to knit but I don't have any appropriate yarn in my stash and am seriously lacking the cash to buy anymore. I keep browsing through patterns on Ravelry that people have knitted with yarns that I have in my stash but I just don't have enough of anything for a whole, decent project.

Euro 2008 started yesterday so Geneva was full of Portuguese and Turkish football fans, all very noisy. I'm pretty glad I wasn't in town and was off in Veyrier babysitting an adorable two year old boy, much better than watching the footie I think! When I got home, Mr H and I decided to venture out into town to see if anything was still going on, we figured that there would be since it was about 1am and the bars are open at least until 2am, so we thought there'd still be a lively atmosphere in town and that we'd go and join some Portuguese fans in a celebratory beer. We were wrong. The fanzone was closed and everyone who was left in town was waiting at tram stops, the bars were empty. We decided this was typically Swiss and that we shouldn't really have expected anything else. Personally, I think it's a good thing that England didn't make it through as I'm not sure the Swiss would be able to handle all the English football fans!


konagirl said...

Hi - Really enjoyed reading your entries!!!! I'm a nutso knitter too! Am retired after 46 years in the workforce (not counting picking coffee in Kona from age 4-17). I'm in Hawaii and at this moment, am working on 4 different knitting projects: 1 bag to felt, 3 scarves which will go to my students on Wednesday when we meet again for a basics knitting class. Of course, there are MORE hidden projects which will remain secret! Aloha! Choose to be happy!

Annelis said...

The shopping bags are a great idea though, thought of making some with some of the DB Cotton I liquidate, which pattern did you use? Knit or crochet?
I was in A'dam for a couple of days and missed the football craze as Holland wasn't playing yet but it looks like they're over-ready with orange balloons everywhere and half the male population dressed in orange t-shirts.

Natural Born Knitter said...

Hey Annelis, the bag was made using a knit pattern from Let's Knit magazine. I'll bring it with me for you to have a look next time I'm over your way.