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Friday, 14 September 2007

Finishing Off

I have given up on my orange socks, they are insanely boring to knit and so I have decided to knit my friend a carrot with fangs like in Duckula! Have nearly finished that already so will have it in the post to her next week, she will be very happy. If I'd carried on with the socks, she probably wouldn't get them for at least another month, which would be rubbish as it's her birthday on Halloween and I want to knit her a pumpkin hat (I have lots of orange yarn to use up!)

I was very excited today when I went over to Carouge to the yarn shops and found a ball of Debbie Bliss cotton Cashmere which I need to finish a basket I started ages ago. I never thought I'd get it as a girl at knitting had bought the last lot and it's been discontinued, but I found one lone ball in Tricolaine which had been returned, result! I thought I would either never finish it or have to finish it in a different colour, which I really didn't want to do. I have to say, I think a cotton cashmere basket is a little extravagant, but hey, never mind, it's nice to knit with and I liked the colour for a basket!

I have been out and about in my lovely new tank top today, which was much admired by my friend at lunch and the owner of Tricolaine, I felt very proud! It's just a shame that the weather has suddenly got much warmer, but I was determined to wear it anyway! At least I know that it's very warm!

Just a week now until mummy comes, yay!

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