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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Knitting in the park

My mother is here at the moment, which is lovely, lots of knitting to be done!

We spent the afternoon today in Parc des Bastions doing some knitting. It has been such a nice day today, so we thought it would be a good idea and would also help to get rid of my hangover!

My mum is currently knitting a Louisa Harding beret from the Venezia in Kimono Angora, it looks like it will be really pretty. She did have a bit of trouble doing the picot cast-on, I think she was a little brain dead this afternoon, perhaps it was all that Rose we drank last night, or maybe it's all that fresh Swiss air! She got there in the end though, but it took a long, long time!

She says that the yarn is really soft and lovely and that she wants to wrap herself in it! I am thinking I will have to knit myself the beret too.

I am still working on my Debbie Bliss circular cardigan, I think it could take a while before I get it finished, I wish I was a faster knitter! I estimated it could be 6 weeks before I get it finished, I hope I can get that time down as I really want to be wearing it! Plus, there are tons more projects that I want to do, but I refuse to start anything new until this is done. I expect to have some new projects tomorrow as it's my birthday and I suspect I may be getting some knit-related pressies!

I have more pictures from today that I want to post, but for some reason the image uploader seems to have stopped working, how irritating. I will try to post them later, but right now I have a roast dinner I need to finish making, especially as I told hubby not to be back late from watching the football!

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