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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Aren't I Awful?!

I know, I can't believe it's been a month since my last post, it hasn't been intentional, I promise. It is for two reasons, although neither are very good! 1. Because my circular cardigan is knitted in the round, it was hard to take a picture that shows how much progress I'd made and 2. I didn't want to post without any pictures, but hadn't gotten around to taking any of anything else (and I still haven't). I know, poor excuses!

So, I finished my carrot, but am yet to send it to my friend (I wanted to take a photo first, go figure!). It's quite cute, but very small.

I have almost finished my baby cardigan, I just need to sew it up and do the embroidery, which could very well mean it's another month before I finish it! I think it's a good job that I did the size 3-6 months as it could be that long before poor baby Nola gets it! It is looking very cute though! I really love the colour and I promise to post photos soon.

I have almost finished the circular cardigan! Yay!! Just have to knit the sleeves. I finally finished casting off last night, it took me days to do that as there were 544 stitches and had a pointed edge, which means each stitch had to be knitted up to 9 times in short rows, phew! I am waiting to do the sleeves for a bit as I really need a rest from it, I got very bored of knitting it towards the end. I'm also not sure if I have enough yarn to finish both sleeves, so may have to wait for my mum to ship some over for me. After all that knitting, I hate to say it, but I'm not sure that I like it, I think it makes me look like a snail because of the way it hangs! I'm hoping that once it's pressed it will look better. It also needs a shave as the "Grace" seems to pill really badly, which is really irritating.

So, when I finally finished casting off last night, I cast on my next project, which I have really been itching to knit, which is a red bolero from Debbie Bliss' "Rialto" book. I only managed to cast on and knit two rows last night, but I already think I'm going to love knitting with the "Rialto", it's 100% merino and is really soft. Hopefully this won't take me as long to knit as the cardigan!

I guess another reason why I have been slack with my posts is that I got a job! It's only temporary for now, but I'm hoping they will keep me on, just need to work hard and to try to stop getting confused!

I never even posted what knitting goodies I got for my birthday. The Debbie Bliss book & yarn for my bolero was one part, I also got some beautiful sock yarn & some more books. When I next do a photo shoot I will include some pics in my next blog!

I promise the next blog will have photos and I'm sorry that this one is so lacking in colour!

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