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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Finally an FO

You may (or may not) have noticed that at the bottom of my WIP list there have been a pair of Wendy Fusion socks which have been there forever. Not anymore. Today has been rainy and horrible and I refused to leave the apartment but didn't feel like working on my regular projects, so I decided to dig out these long forgotten socks and work on them. Now, I have a pair of warm, chunky socks, yay!

I must have started working on these about a year ago. I originally knit a pair for my friend who was going back to Canada for college but ended up having to knit two pairs so they would match better as the colour changes are really long, so I ended up with one green sock and one purple sock. I got my friend's pair finished but never finished mine. I'm fairly pleased with them, although one is a bit longer than the other, but who's going to notice?

FYI, they are knit in Wendy Fusion on 5.5mm dpns over 32 stitches.


Mousecanknit said...

is the yarn finished or will you do another pair/part of the sock-yarn blanket with the rest? it looks lovely, but i imagine the color variations are a bit frustrating.

Natural Born Knitter said...

I still have some yarn left but it won't be going into the blanket as it's chunky, whereas the blanket is all 4ply. They're very warm and seem to have survived the washing machine, yay!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Cool socks. The colors sizzle!