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Monday, 7 April 2008

Colds and Relaxation

I can't believe I have another cold. That's three in two months. I'm a little concerned as I'm on drugs that suppress my immune system, so I think I need to have a word with my doctor about it this afternoon. I'm still signed off work but am due to go back tomorrow which I'm quite pleased about as I'm missing my kids! The problem is this blasted cold but I guess it's good I got it while I'm signed off work anyway.

I didn't make it to CERN yesterday, which I was a little disappointed about but I really don't think I would have been able to handle it. A friend of mine went on Saturday (he works there and took his family) and said there was a two hour queue for Atlas by 11am, not really my idea of fun. The boys really seemed to enjoy themselves though.

So, while I have been recuperating, I have been taking the chance to relax a little, try to catch up on a bit of knitting (although not as much as I'd like as I've been in a bit of pain) and trying to write my first assignment for my Montessori course. So far I've only managed to write 500 words of my assignment, oops, I just can't keep up the motivation and I'm too easily distracted.

I've spent most of today so far listening to podcasts. I'm all up to date with the Knitpicks podcast but am still catching up with Cast On, which I have been listening to for a while, starting with Brenda Dayne's first episode which dates back to October 2005, so I still have a lot of catching up to do! I've been knitting away while I have been listening and have almost finished the front of Mr H's Rugged sweater. It still hasn't fully warmed up here yet so hopefully the weather will still be appropriate for him to wear it when I finish and he won't have to wait until next winter!

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