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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Four Little Booties

So, I just finished knitting two pairs of booties for the twins to go with the Baby Yoda sweaters all in time to give to the dad-to-be who is arriving tonight.

The booties are quite cute, but I prefer the Bud booties I knitted, I think it's because these ones were knit in an aran weight yarn so they are a little more bulky.

I had a small operation on Wednesday, so have been signed off work for a week. I'm missing the kids, especially as I just had two weeks off for Easter and was only back two days before my operation. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to school on Tuesday.

I'm hoping that I will be feeling well enough to go to CERN with the boys tomorrow. I've only been having a little bit of pain the past couple of days, so hopefully I will be OK so long as I take it easy. It's the last open day before they start the collider...

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