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Monday, 28 April 2008

T Minus One Hour, I Reckon

My Rugged sweater for Mr H is almost finished, just one side seam and the arms to sew up, phew! Just typical that it's almost finished just as the weather is getting warmer. I've told Mr H that he has to wear it every day even if the temperature reaches 30 degrees! I will post a pic when it's finished providing my camera cable is still working after my moggy chewed it.

I started knitting a Wend bolero two days ago, it's going well and quickly despite being dk weight yarn, hopefully won't take too long to finish, I've nearly finished the back already. I'm knitting it in Four Seasons Grundl Miami cotton in black, a but dull but I had about 10 balls of it sitting in my cupboard left over from a vest I was knitting and got fed up with (knitting round after round in black stocking stitch just wasn't doing it for me).

We had a bit of drama last week. Mr H woke me up on Thursday morning with his frantic calling for Trinny (the moggy) as we hadn't seen her since around 9pm the night before (this is unusual as she's a house cat and technically has no way of leaving the apartment). After searching through every cupboard and drawer in the apartment (I even looked in the freezer!) we decided she definitely wasn't there so we went looking around the neighbourhood to no avail. Mr H had to go to work, so I went and put some posters up and searched some more. To be honest, I was looking in the streets for squashed kitties, out Trin has never been near a main road in her life. I spoke to my mum who asked if I'd looked in the cave, which I had, but thought I'd have another look on my way out to put up more posters. When I got down there, I could hear her mewing but couldn't see her anywhere, very frustrating. After calling Mr H to let him know that I could at least hear her (and so that he could listen too and confirm that I wasn't going crazy), I worked out that the mewing was coming from the wall. Some of the neighbours clearly thought I was insane when they walked in the building and saw me in the cave, on my hands and knees, talking to the wall! The actually looked at me and closed the cave door before walking off rather quickly! I had to go to the concierge's apartment and explain to her in my bad french that "Mon chat est dans le cave dans le mur!" She looked a little puzzled ("Stupid English!") but came down and confirmed that yes, the cat was in the wall, but that actually it was someone's cave behind the wall so off she went to get the key from the neighbour and we were able to rescue kitty. Poor thing was so scared, dusty and smelly, not to mention hungry. On closer inspection I discovered that she couldn't walk properly and had a puncture wound in her bottom, so I called Mr H and we took her off to the vet who kept he in for a few hours for shock and on our return confirmed that she had dislocated her leg and also had a small fracture. She had clearly fallen off the balcony and climbed through a broken window in the cave. She's doing much better now, she's no longer limping so I guess her leg's gone back to where it should be and she shouldn't be needing any surgery. We were so happy to have her back, we didn't think we would see her again. Needless to say, I won't let her on the balcony unless she's sitting on one or our laps.

Sorry, I seemed to have gotton a little carried away there but my kitty's my baby!

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Melanie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad to hear that your kitty is OK. I would have been frantic. We don't have a cat, but out dog is our little princess and I would be devastated if she disappeared or anything happened to her. I'm sure all pet owners can sympathize with how frantic and upset you and Mr. H must have been.
glad Trinny is home safe and sound and on the mend.