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Monday, 24 March 2008

Rain, Sleet & Snow

So, I made it to Paris and back. We were actually lucky we made it, we missed the train from Geneva, it rolled off just as we hit the platform. I won't lay any blame, but I will just point out that I was at the station 10 minutes before hubby, so, you can make your own guesses on that one...

The weather was rubbish in Paris, there's no getting away from it. It was cold, very wet and very windy. We didn't go up the Eiffel Tower because it was so cold and the top was closed anyway because of the wind. If it was that cold and windy on the ground, I dread to think what it was like up the tower, I can tell you, we weren't about to find out. The queue to get up there was massive - tourists are all mental.

During the time there there only touristy things we did were the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe as the weather was so dreadful. At least at the Arc de Triomphe we could shelter from the wind a little, but it was still pretty bad.

We seemed to spend most of our time in Paris on the metro or sitting in cafes sheltering from the rain!

At one of the cafes we sat at, a brass band was setting up outside and no sooner had they set up than a heavy hail shower hit. You really had to feel for these guys. I don't know how they managed to play their instruments it was so cold. I didn't envy them one bit! They were fun to listen to and their set included such brass band as "Rehab", "Boys, Boys, Boys", "Toxic" and "Boys and Girls", there's nothing like a bit of Blur and Britney on brass!

Of course, while we were there I had to find a Parisian knitting shop to visit, so we went to La Droguerie on rue de Jour in Les Halles. It was such a lovely shop and full of people with huge shopping lists! They mainly seemed to sell buttons and ribbons, the like of which I've never seen before, they were absolutely stunning, I really should have bought myself some of their ribbons, but of course I was more interested in looking at their yarns! There wasn't a huge selection of yarn but it was all homespun and hand dyed and all very reasonably priced. I probably spend about half an hour wandering around stroking all the yarns while Mr H disappeared off next door to the Irish pub for a beer. I finally decided to buy a skein of pure bamboo in a lovely warm . I have no idea why I only bought one skein as it was only 4€90, if I had bought another skein I could have knit a lovely pair of socks. Silly me, I'm not sure why I was so restrained, I'm not usually!

We arrived back in Geneva yesterday afternoon to snow, which I guess makes a change from the rain we had in Paris. It was actually nice to get back home, especially as we had left Trinny at the apartment with a friend of mine coming to feed her while we were away. Poor Trin, I could hear her mewing when I go to the lift! She was very excited to see us, bless.

At least I got a good chunk of knitting done while I was on the train and I now only have to knit one sleeve of Baby Yoda before I can sew it up and they're both done. I'm going to change the i-cord ties for ribbon though as I think that the i-cords are too bulky for the sweaters. Now, if only I can remember where I put that last ball of yarn....

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Melanie said...

Sorry to hear your trip to Paris was so wet. I can't believe how much snow we've gotten - no snow all winter, now pow 4 days of it. can't wait to see the baby yoda sweaters - they sound so cute.