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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tea and Babies

My mother is the best, my box of tea arrived from her today. I have to say that I felt rather guilty when she told me how much it cost to send, it would have been much cheaper for me to just drive over the boarder into France to go to the British market, oops. Mum's are great! I do feel a little better as I actually sent her some yarn for a change and I know she will love it when it arrives - I forgot to take a photo, but it's Lang's Aura, very pretty.

Baby Yoda #2 - Her's is coming along nicely. I just need to finish one front side and knit the sleeves, so there shouldn't be a problem with getting it finished before the birth of the twins. The father-to-be is coming to visit us on April 6 for the CERN open day, so they can't be born before then, I think there are actually a few weeks left to go, but I'm not taking any chances with twins! I might try to get the other pair of booties knit for when dad comes over so he can take them back with him and then send on the sweaters in the mail as a surprise. Yes, I think that would be nice.

I am off to Paris tomorrow for three days. I have to go to see a specialist at the hospital there so we decided to have a weekend break while we're there and are coming back on Sunday. I shall have to take some knitting to keep me occupied on the train, although, knowing me, I'll fall asleep within 10 minutes! I'm not very good at staying awake while travelling! We are staying 2 nights in the Marais district, which I hear is very nice, so I am looking forward to that, plus, I've noticed that there may be a good knitting shop there for me to visit. I will have to convince hubby that he need to buy me lots of yarn to cheer me up/celebrate, depending on what I'm told at the hospital! Any excuse hey!

I suppose I had better go pick up our train tickets as we're leaving at 7:15 tomorrow morning, urgh!

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