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Friday, 28 March 2008

Aren't I productive?

I have two finished objects to show you, I'm feeling very productive having finished one last night and another this morning before going off to meet my friend for lunch. Very satisfying.

I finished the second Baby Yoda last night. I took the first one to my SnB group on Wednesday and explained how I was going to remove the i-cord ties and replace them with ribbon but they all seemed to like the i-cord and thought they were better than ribbon would be, but I still wasn't happy with the bulkiness of the i-cords, so I decided to compromise. I decided to keep the i-cord on the ties on the outside of the sweater but changed the inner ties for crocheted chains. I think that the crocheted ties work much better and really cut down on the bulkiness of the sweater. Babies don't need bulky clothing! Plus, I felt that the i-cords were likely to come undone when the sweater is being worn because of the thickness of them.

So, now that both the sweaters are finished for the twins, all I need to do now is knit them some booties. I did knit a pair of booties (the Bud booties if you remember), butsince I have nearly a ball left of each of the yarns I used for the sweater, I thought I should make the twins booties to match their sweaters. I'd like to try to get the booties finished by next weekend when dad to be comes to stay for a couple of days.

The other finished object I have is my Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth, which I finished this morning. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, now it just needs the test of actually being used. I'm hoping it will be so lovely that it will actually make me want to wash the dishes. Yeah, right! At the least, it might make it a little more pleasurable and has to be nice and more environmentally friendly than using those horrible disposable jay cloths that I've used all my life.

I think that now I have knitted myself a dishcloth, I really should knit myself some washcloths, I only have one and could really do with a few. I have got my eye on a number of patterns so will have to choose one or two, or I could just knit them all!

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