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Friday, 30 May 2008

Evening Shrug FO

I finished my Evening Shrug yesterday. I'm really pleased with it, despite Mr H asking if it was actually finished when I put it on to show him, charming! I love the colour, I just hope it doesn't run in the wash as the yarn has dyed my bamboo needles green.

I am now knitting (and have almost finished) knitting a cotton shopping bag called 'Pippa' from Let's Knit magazine, but I'm afraid I don't know which issue it is as I pulled the page out of someone's magazine. It's a really easy and quick knit and will be much better to use than having to remember to take my old paper bags with me when I go to the supermarket.

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Heather said...

The shrug looks lovely, and just the thing this time of year. Hope the dye doesn't turn you green!

I have tagged you for the Five Things Meme if you feel like doing it.