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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Fumer tue Péter pue

I'm still not smoking, despite having felt desperately like doing so all day. It would have been a whole week today except I went out Friday night and with a few beers came the desire to have a cigarette but I didn't let myself feel too bad about it as I haven't smoked again since. I felt fine on Saturday and Sunday but the past couple of days have been pretty ad, especially today. I blame it on French lessons and lack of sleep but then I also blame the lack of sleep on the lack of cigarettes. A bit of a catch-22 I guess.

So, yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. It so doesn't feel like two years, which I guess is a good thing, right? I'd feel a bit worried if it felt like the past two years have dragged by. I knit a washcloth for Mr H as two years is the cotton anniversary. I'm not too pleased with how the pattern on the washcloth turned out, it's certainly not as nice as the swimsuit one I did for my mum. I think it's because I used white cotton so the stitches don't show up so well. It's supposed to be a VW Beetle with a heart on it and says Beebeep' at the top (again, this pattern was from Knits by Rachel and is the 'Luv Bug' pattern). Anyway, Mr H was touched. I also gave him a cotton shirt and some of his favourite chocolate from Mekur, dark chocolate with orange and almonds, apparently it's very nice, which I'm inclined to believe as I've never had a chance to taste it!

We went out for a lovely meal last night at a local auberge, fois gras (naughty), followed by duck (mmm), followed by creme brulee (yummy) and drank some champagne.

So, I need to get on with lots of knitting to keep my hands nice and busy. I've been so tempted to crack today but have just made a point of not leaving the apartment since coming back from my French lesson, despite needing milk but I don't trust myself to go into a shop and my cravings taking over and asking for cigarettes on my behalf. Maybe I should just pop to the chemist for some gum...

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