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Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Gift For My Mum

I knitted my mum a washcloth. She says no one ever knits her anything, except for the pair of socks that I knit her for Christmas, so I thought it was about time I gave her a little knitted something back to say a little thanks for all the knitty things that she's sent me over the past year and a half. I think I'm safe in posting this as I'll be back in the UK on Tuesday and I don't think she'll be looking at my blog by then.

I love this pattern and I really enjoyed knitting it. It only took me a few hours and I felt like it was similar to reading a good book as I couldn't put it down as I just wanted to see how it was progressing the whole time and wanted to see what happened next. It kind of makes me want to knit a mystery pattern so I might have to have a look out for a mystery KAL on Ravelry.

The pattern is available from www.knitsbyrachel.com and it is the One Piece Swim Suit Dishcloth. She has some really cute patterns and there are a few more that I have my eye on. I knit it using some handknit cotton from Manor in Geneva but it didn't have a name. They sell lots of it, it's wrapped in plastic and is 2.50CHF/50g (about £1.25) and the pattern took just under a skein, so not bad at all.

I'm driving back to the UK on Tuesday (provided we can get someone to change the tyres on the car tomorrow, we're still driving on winter tyres). I'm going it alone again so it's going to be pretty tiring but at least this time I will have a stereo to listen to. I decided to go Calais to Dover this time as Le Havre is only a little nearer but the boat trip is 4 hours longer and I can't face another 17 hour journey door to door. This time should only take 10-11 hours, I try to stop as little as possible.

Driving aside, I'm really looking forward to going back, it seems like ages since I went back. Last time was in January for my grandmother's funeral so it wasn't exactly a happy visit. This time is purely for pleasure (and to pick up our wedding presents, hence me driving) and I'm looking forward to spending time with my mum and raiding her shop! I will of course miss Mr H. It's his birthday the day after I get back (I get back next Wednesday) so I will have to find him some nice English goodies to bring back for him.

I'm still working on my Wendy Bolero, but after having to frog it due to bad tension and a lack of a gauge swatch, I have very little to report!

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